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Jogos do Lanterna Verde - Campo de Treinamento
Games Green Lantern: Boot Camp

Jogos do Lanterna Verde - Campo de Treinamento - Você é o novo Lanterna Verde do setor espacial 2814. Você precisa aprender a controlar seus poderes antes que você possa proteger seus companheiros de formas de vida. Esse anel do Lanterna Verde que você está usando faz surgir objetos de energia verde pura - que chamamos de construções. Nós os usamos para trazer justiça ao universo.

Green Lantern Games: Boot Camp - Boot Camp Mode: Work your way through sucessive bouts with your fellow Lanterns to hone your skills!
Sinetro Mode: See how much damage you can deal to Sinestro before your will runs out!

Salaak: Welcome, human! You're the new Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. You need to learn how to control your powers before you can protect your fellow lifeforms. That Green Lantern ring you're wearing makes objects out of pure green energy - we call them constructs. We use them to bring justice to the universe.

How to play: Green lanterns create constructs to battle their opponents. Constructs cost will to summon. Players can only play a construct if they have sufficient will remaining. Will recharges by 2 points every turn. If a Lantern's construct has a greater attack than the opposing construct's defence, the opponent's energy is decreased by the difference. If a Lantern's construct has a greater defence than the opposing construct's attack, their energy is increased by the difference, and they are healed. A Lantern is defeated when they have no energy remaining.
Lanterns take six constructs into battle. A construct cannot be played again until all the Lantern's other constructs have been played. At this point, all constructs become available to play again.