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Jogos do filme Os Vingadores - Thor: Levanta Vôo
Games The Avengers - Thor: Takes Flight

Jogos do filme Os Vingadores - Thor: Levanta Vôo - Guie Thor através dos mundos de Asgard para derrotar Loki e seus asseclas.
Pressionando fogo rapidamente dispara um raio.
Segurando o botão de fogo por um momento desencadeia uma rotação devastadora do martelo de Thor.
Pegue maçãs douradas para rejuvenescer a sua saúde.
Pegue martelos para aumentar o poder de todos os seus ataques.
Danificar os inimigos aumenta o seu poder de tornado. Quando seu medidor de energia do furacão estiver completo, pressione e mantenha pressionado o botão de fogo para desencadear um ataque tornado que danifica tudo na área.

The Avengers Games - Thor: Takes Flight - Guide Thor through the worlds of Asgard to defeat Loki and his cohorts.
Pressing fire quickly fires a lightning bolt.
Holding the fire button for a moment unleashes a devastating hammer spin.
Pick up golden apples to rejuvenate your health.
Pick up hammers to increase the power of all your attacks.
Damaging enemies increases your tornado power. When your tornado power gauge is full press and hold the fire button to unleash a tornado attack that damages everything in the area.
Thor - norse god of thunder and defender of Midgard (Earth). Thor is the son of odin and prince of the golden realm of Asgard.
Ulik - Ulik of Nornheim boasts unusual strength for a rock troll, and has on occasion proven a match for even the mighty Thor.
Hela - the daughter of Loki and mortal foe of Thor. Hela uses her magical cloak for power and eternal beauty while visiting destruction upon others with her vast mystical energy.
Fenris - the demonic wolf and son of Loki will stand at his father's side during the final battle that will destroy all the nine worlds. Surtur - possessed of evil intelligence and vast power, Surtur is an enormous fiery demon native to the dimension of Asgard.
Loki - adopted by Odin and raised as his son alongside Thor, Loki greatly resents his brother and uses his formidable magic skills to challenge him at every turn.
Frost Giants - war and the destruction of Asgard; these are the things that warm the frigid hearts of the frost giants of Jotunheim!
Trolls - ever since they were banished underground by Odin, the trolls toil in darkness awaiting their chance to take revenge on Asgard.
Demons - the malevolent children of Surtur dwell in the fiery land of Muspelheim, stoking the flames of their hatred for Asgard and all that reside within.