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Jogos do filme Os Vingadores - Thor: Traga o Trovão
Games The Avengers - Thor: Bring the Thunder

Jogos do filme Os Vingadores - Thor: Traga o Trovão - Selecione um nível: Asgard - Thor para o resgate, Svartalfheim - Problemas com elfos, Muspelheim - Ameaça Subterrânea, Midgard - Esta é a minha Terra. Use as setas para controlar o personagem Thor, tecla 'Z' para ataque com martelo, tecla 'X' para lançar ataque e a barra de espaços para um ataque relâmpago. Sif foi raptada pela Feiticeira e seus capangas duendes. Use as setas para mover, saltar e agachar. Depressa Thor, os duendes estão conquistando Asgard. Thor está realmente irritado e pronto para trazer o trovão!

The Avengers Games - Thor: Bring the Thunder - Select a level: Asgard - Thor to the rescue, Svartalfheim - Trouble with elves, Muspelheim - Fire down below, Midgard - This is my Earth. Use the arrow keys to control Thor character, 'Z' key to swing attack, 'X' key to throw attack, space key to lightning attack. Sif has been kidnapped by Enchantress and her troll thugs. Use the arrow keys to move, jump and duck. Hurry Thor, the trolls are taking over Asgard.
Thor is really angry and is ready to BRING THE THUNDER!
Thor - The son of Odin, the mighty ruler of Asgard, Thor is an inmortal asgardian. Thor has been given the power to wield the magical hammer Mjolnir. With his hammer Thor controls an impressive weapon of many powers.
Enchantress - The Enchantress has often tried to use her magic to seduce Thor and eliminate her competition for Thor's affections. She possesses formidable powers of magic.
Sif - One of the best warriors in Asgard. Sif is a close friend of Thor. Their relationship has often turned romantic.
Kurse - Kurse has originally the most powerful of race of dark elves, and was known as Algrim The Strong. He is as expert fighter and tracker. Surtur - Surtur is a fire demon native to the extradimensional plane of Muspelheim - the land of the fire demons. He has been a foe of Asgard for centuries.
Absorbing Man - Carl "Crusher" Creel was a boxer and jailed criminal who became The Absorbing Man when he drank a liquid which the asgardian god Loki laced with rare asgardian ingredients, discovering that he could absorb the properties of anything he touched.
Midgard Serpent - The Midgard Serpent normally exists in ethereal form around the Earth. A huge serpent, the character has superhuman levels of strength, stamina and can generate both lethal fire and poison, as well as projecting powerful illusions.
Jane Foster - Jane is a talented academic who lives on Midgard (Earth). She befriends Thor when he arrives to Earth. They are friends but have developed romantic feelings toward each other.