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Jogos do filme Os Vingadores - Gladiadores do Planeta Hulk
Games The Avengers - Planet Hulk Gladiators

Jogos com personagens do filme Os Vingadores - Gladiadores do Planeta Hulk - Selecione o modo de jogo: Batalha ou História.
Batalha - Sobreviva o maior tempo possível para envergonhar o Rei Vermelho.
História - Compete para ganhar a sua liberdade contra os inimigos mais difíceis de Sakaar.
Escolha o seu equipamento: Nenhum, leve, pesado.
Nenhum - o desafio final! Combate sem arma ou armadura para velocidade máxima. Ganhe o máximo de pontos enquanto joga.
Light - Hulk tem uma armadura e uma arma. Um bom equilíbrio entre velocidade e potência. Ganhe pontos padrão durante o jogo.
Heavy - O Hulk é equipado para a máxima proteção e poder de ataque. Ele é mais lento e você ganha menos pontos durante o jogo.
Como jogar - Use as setas para mover e pressione 'X' para o ataque principal, 'Z' para chutar, 'C' para bloquear, barra de espaço para saltar.
Jogo de luta online com personagens da Marvel.

The Avengers Games - Planet Hulk Gladiators - Select game mode: Battle or Story.
Battle - Survive as long as possible to embarass the Red King.
Story - Compete to win your freedom against Sakaar's toughest foes.
Choose your gear: None, Light, Heavy.
None - the ultimate challenge! Fight without a weapon or armor for maximum speed. Earn maximum points while playing.
Light - Hulk has some armor and a weapon. A nice balance of speed and power. Earn standard points while playing.
Heavy - The Hulk is outfitted for maximum protection and attack power. He is slower and you earn less points while playing.
How to play - Use the arrow keys to move and press 'X' for main attack, 'Z' to kick, 'C' to block, spacebar to jump.
Hulk - Due to an immense gamma ray burst, genius scientist Bruce Banner was transformed into a massively large, powerful and green creature named Hulk. Unable to control the Hulk's ultra destructive temper, Tony Stark and the Illuminati send the Hulk to a remote and uninhabited planet via space ship. Unknown to them, the ship is caught in a wormhole and the hulk's ship crash lands on the vicious planet of Sakaar.
Sakaar - Sakaar is the fourth planet from the star Tayo governed by the Red King. The nearby wormhole named the great portal, has dumped wayward space travelers onto the planet for decades. Hulk is now marooned here after his ship is caught in the great portal and sent to the planet. Will the Hulk be the savior of his planet or just another pawn in the imperial arena?
The spikes - Sadly many peacefull residents of Sakaar have been attacked and infected by the waves of these malicious flying spore creatures. After infection, residents are transformed into murderous aberrations known as the Spikes. The Spikes are creatures inten on pillage, destruction and further infection. Extermination seems the only option when dealing with them.
Kronans - Natives of the planet Ria, the Kronans are a highly advanced race who developed space travel to conquer new worlds. These invasions are made easier by the fact the Kronans are massive and made of rock. Their strength and rock skin make them difficult foes to combat. Margus leads the colony of Kronans stranded on Sakaar and now forced to fight for the Red King's pleasure.
Eggbreaker - This monstrous robotic killing machine leads the wildebots robotic pack. Nicknamed the Eggbreaker for its fondness of devouring insectoid eggs, this robotic menace has wrought untold sorrow on the creatures of Sakaar. Can the Hulk end this machine's reign of terror?
Death's Head Guard - The elite bodyguards of the Red King, these automatons are the deadliest force on Sakaar. Created to serve and destroy at the command of the Red King, these robotic soldiers have protected the Red King against all challengers. They are often sent out to capture marooned and resistive aliens for service in the Imperial Arena.
Red King - From a child, the Red King was groomed to rule Sakaar. After he took the throne, the planet soon learned and suffered under his dark nature. With the powerful Caiera as his lieutenant, no adversary has been able to free the planet from his reign of terror. Now for his enjoyment, he conducts brutal gladiatorial contests in the Imperial Arena. He forces beings to fight using the obedience disk.
Silver Savage - During his space travels, Silver Surfer was swept into the great portal. On Sakaar, he was caught by the Sakaar Empire and implanted with an obedience disk to ensure he remained loyal to them. The Red King has turned him into the feared gladiator named Silver Savage - the reigning champion of the arena.