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Jogos dos Vingadores - O Homem de Ferro 2
Games The Avengers - Iron Man 2

Jogos dos Vingadores - O Homem de Ferro 2 - Jogue online com o personagem dos filmes Homem de Ferro. Use o mouse para controlar e atirar com o Homem de Ferro. Jogo online com o personagem Iron Man da Marvel.

The Avengers Games - Iron Man 2 - Play online with the character Iron Man. Use your mouse to control and shoot with Iron Man. Play online with the character of Marvel Iron Man. The Stompers are large trash compacters and you are trash if you get under them. You're ok while it's rising but when it comes down get out the way. The special attack generally puts them out of action. The Cutter is held aloft by anti-grav engines and it's main purpose is to seek out humans and dismember them. Timing is crucial, blow these things out of the sky before they cut you up! The proximity mine detonates when it senses certain chemical compounds and energy fields generated specifically by Ironmans' suit. The resulting electrical explosion is quite devastating.