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Jogos do Kung Fu Panda - Luta 3D
Games Kung Fu Panda - Rumble 3D
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Jogos do Kung Fu Panda - Luta 3D- Kung Fu Panda é um jogo de ação 3D online onde Po, o guerreiro dragão, precisa de sua ajuda para se transformar no melhor lutador de kung fu do vale. O Kung Fu Panda vai trazer justiça ao mundo derrotando seus inimigos Lobos, Gorilas e o temível Lorde Shen.

Games Kung Fu Panda - Rumble 3D - The dragon warior needs your help to save kung fu! To defeat Lord Shen, you must rise to the challenge, Dragon Warrior. Your training starts now. You must be light on your feet! Use the arrows key to walk. Press the Up arrow to jump! Unleash your fists of fury. Press the A button to punch. Enemies come in many different sizes. Try to swing low. Press down + A. Your feet must hunger for justice as much as your belly does. Press the S button to kick. Now drop and kick low! Defense can be your best offense. Press the D key to block. Combo attacks will leave your opponent stupified! Try one now hold down, then hold right, then press A. Unleash your strongest move when your power meter is full, press the spacebar to unleash a belly-ful move! Stop the Wolf soldier from entering the Valley of Peace!