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Jogos do Lego Cars - Grande Prêmio Estendido
Game Lego brand Cars: Lego Grand Prix Extended

Jogos do Lego Cars - Grande Prêmio Estendido - Use as setas do teclado para pilotar seu carro. Escolha uma pista, selecione um carro: Relâmpago McQueen, Mater, Finn McMíssil, Francesco Bernoulli ou Holley Caixadibrita. Você pode melhorar seu carro de corrida coletando itens em seu percurso.

Lego brand Cars: Lego Grand Prix Extended - Use the arrows key to move your car. Select a track, choose a car: Lightning McQueen, Mater, Finn McMissile, Francesco Bernoulli, Holley Swiftwell. Upgrade your car.

Fitted out with golden rims and new body apint, Lightning McQueen is in for the biggest, toughest race of his life! He'll have to out-drive his rivals all over the world if he wants to win in the World Grand Prix!
Look out, bad-guys - it's super secret agent Mater to the rescue! Equipped with the latest hi-tech gadgets and equipment, Mater the spy is ready to save the day from the forces of evil.
Super spy Finn McMissile has a dangerous undercover mission and a whole new look. But will his Japanese airport security car disguise be enough to fool the evil Professor Z and his Lemons?
It's time for Mater's next big spy mission, and it's up to Holley to make sure the rookie secret agent is all geared up and ready. Good thing she has her computerized info screen to give her all the data she needs!
Professor Wolfgang Otto Zundapp, a.k.k. "Professor Z", is as bad as they come. This brilliant mad scientist is full of new ideas and inventions, but every last one is used for evil. Now that he's turned his sights on the World Grand Prix, can anyone stop him?
Italian race car Francesco Bernoulli is a champion racer who's famous all around the world. As Lightning McQueen's main competition in the World Grand Prix, he's got legions of fans...but his biggest fan is himself!
Siddeley the Spy Jet is a hi-tech headquarters in the sky for Finn McMissile and his fellow agents. This high-flying hero is ready to carry Mater and the team anywhere that they need to go to save the world!
Don't call this Lemon a junker! Together with his fellow henchman Acer, Grem is packed with hidden surprises and ready to help get rid of Finn, Mater, and anybody else who threatens Professor Z's fiendish plans!
This green lemon, Acer may look like he's just rolled right out of the Seventies, but don't be fooled – as one of Professor Z's henchmen, this is one Lemon that's been upgraded with a dangerous trick or three!
The Queen watches as the World Grand Prix roars through London. Little does she know that this is one race that won't turn out anything like she expected!
Former oil baron Sir Miles Axelrod sold off his fortune, converted himself into an electric vehicle, and has devoted his life to finding the clean-burning energy source of the future…which he plans to demonstrate through the World Grand Prix!
Pittie - There is no big racer without amazing pit crew members. This little guy is ready to help and cheer up Francesco. This little great helper is ready to be his best for the Japanese racer Shu.
Battleboat - On the high seas, Finn McMissile is learning that Professor Z has more than one hi-tech helper on his evil side. Can even England's greatest super spy escape this fast, powerful and heavily-equipped vessel of villainy, Tony Trihull?
This sassy, no-nonsense lady runs Flo’s V-8 Café, the local diner and only gas station for miles around Radiator Springs. All her customers agree that she serves the finest fuel in all 50 states!
Once a high-powered attorney in the fast lane of Los Angeles, Sally made a new start as a motel owner in the small town of Radiator Springs. This smart and charming sports car is dedicated to preserving her new home’s historical beauty!
This all-American patriot and war hero runs the local army surplus store in Radiator Springs. He may spend most of his time arguing with his next-door neighbor Fillmore, but he knows life is much more interesting with the hippie van around!
Mack the Truck is Lightning McQueen’s trusted long-haul driver and loyal pal. He’s spent countless days and night on the road crossing the country from one race to the next, and he knows how important his job is for the team!
This tie-dyed van is Radiator Springs’s grooviest resident. The mellow-mannered Fillmore brews his own organic fuel and doesn’t worry much about keeping things tidy – which drives his neighbor Sarge crazy!
Owner of Luigi’s Casa Della Tires in Radiator Springs, Luigi offers the best selection of custom tires west of the Mississippi. He’s almost as big a fan of international racing as he is of his shop’s Italian white-walled tires!
Guido - This little forklift is Luigi’s assistant and best friend. He may be a long way from his home in Italy, but he’s always ready to pitch in and lend a hand to a friend in need…especially if they need a speedy tire change!
Shu Todoroki - Sporting a fiery red dragon design on his sides, Japanese race car Shu is a skilled champion of the Suzuka Circuit. How will this fast competitor fare in the World Grand Prix challenge?